Beamex CMX

Dedicated software family (localized completely to Russian language) for the automation of calibration of pressure, temperature, electrical signal instruments as well as weight measuring equipment using Beamex MC4-R and Beamex MC5-R Multifunction Documenting Calibrators as well as Advanced Field Calibrator and Communicator Beamex МС6, version (-R), e.a.


Simple software (localized to Russian language) for the automation of multichannel calibration of temperature, pressure and electrical signals using RTC-R, CTC-R, CTC, ETC temperature calibrators, ASM-R multiscanner, DTI-1000 precision digital thermometer and ASC400-R multifunction calibrator.

Compass for Pressure

Calibration software for calibration of pressure instruments by different references: Series PG9600, PG7000 Piston Gauges, 6270A, PPC4, PPC4E, PPC3 Controllers as well as RPM4, RPM4-E-DWT-H Pressure Calibrators.