Beamex LOGiCAL

Beamex LOGiCAL is an advanced, multilingual, cloud-based calibration certificate generation software. It offers you an affordable and easy way to document your calibration results. LOGiCAL reads the calibration results from selected Beamex documenting calibrators and presents the results on an electronic calibration certificate in PDF format.

Beamex CMX

Dedicated software family (localized completely to Russian language) for the automation of calibration of pressure, temperature, electrical signal instruments as well as weight measuring equipment using Beamex MC4-R and Beamex MC5-R Multifunction Documenting Calibrators as well as Advanced Field Calibrator and Communicator Beamex МС6, version (-R), e.a.


Simple software (localized to Russian language) for the automation of multichannel calibration of temperature, pressure and electrical signals using RTC-R, CTC-R, CTC, ETC temperature calibrators, ASM-R multiscanner, DTI-1000 precision digital thermometer and ASC400-R multifunction calibrator.

Compass for Pressure

Calibration software for calibration of pressure instruments by different references: Series PG9600, PG7000 Piston Gauges, 6270A, PPC4, PPC4E, PPC3 Controllers as well as RPM4, RPM4-E-DWT-H Pressure Calibrators.