Congratulations to the first buyer of IPI pressure calibrator "Signal" Design Bureau named by A.I.Glukharev!
Dear Friends,
From the bottom of our hearts we would like to wish you a happy New Year! May your family and friends have all the health, happiness and prosperity they deserve.
Artvik Company, being a Silver Sponsor, invites the visitors to this site to the "Russian Instrumentation Week 2004" International Fair and Conference
From August 1, 2004 MIC10 signal calibrators are discontinued. Within over 10 years several hundreds of these small scale instruments has been supplied and are in operation now in the territory of the former Soviet Union CSC100 signal calibrators succeeded MIC10.
An exclusive contract between Artvik and GE Druck/SI Pressure Instruments, UK, is terminated. Therefore, starting from July 1, 2004 we will not accept orders on their equipment any more. At the same time we confirm our warranty obligations under all deliveries of the said equipment, carried out earlier or being completed at present
Congratulations to all visitors to this site with May Holidays and Victory Day!
From March 1, 2004 PPC pressure calibrators are discontinued. These instruments supplied for over 10 years won the customer’s recognition, while the number of PPCs in operation within the territory of the former Soviet Union exceeded 1200 units!
APC modular pressure calibrators, being superior in performance and functionality, succeeded PPCs.
Congratulations to the first buyer of CSC100 signal calibrator - Dnepropetrovsk Oil Extraction Plant, Ukraine!
From the bottom of our hearts we wish you and your families health, happiness and prosperity!
May you have luck accompany you in the New Year, and if any problems, all of them being happily resolved with the help of your friends and loved ones!
1200SE temperature calibrator discontinued and replaced by CTC-1200A
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