Firmware of certain PC6 Pro calibrators supplied in 2001 - first half of 2002 will be upgraded in November due to the release of a new 2.0c firmware version.
A new version of MC5-R multifunction calibrator firmware will soon be released.
Congratulations to the first buyer of MC5-R-IS in Russia - "Komsomolski Oil Refinery - Rosneft"!
Artvik company congratulates all the employees and officials working in oil and gas industry with their professional holiday, celebrated in Russia on the first Sunday of September! We wish you happiness, health and every success!
Artvik congratulates all the visitors to this site with the coming May Holidays and Victory Day!


On May 8, 2002 Artvik Ltd. moves to new premises located at 30, Chasovaya Str., Moscow, 125315. Starting from May 13, 2002 you can use the new telephone number 7 (095) 956 70 79 (4 lines). Email addresses and fax number will not be changed. Location of new premises is depicted on Contact Information page.

Long term tests of PC6 Pro pressure calibrator were finalized in VNIIMS National Lab. The results confirmed high metrological performance of the instrument and its long term stability. The related article to be published in periodicals is under preparation.
Our email address was changed. Starting from April 17, 2002, please, send your messages to info@artvik.ru. It remains possible to use the former address - artvik@online.ru - up to July 1, 2002.
Artvik congratulates cordially all the visitors to this site with the coming Christmas and New Year!
Let health, happiness and every success accompany you in 2002!

Preparations to launch a new version of our web site, scheduled to December 17, 2001, entered the final phase.
Model 732 and 733 photometric analyzers discontinued and replaced by new instruments: model 4700 analyzer (model 4700 for certain applications) and model 933 analyzer, correspondingly.
Congratulations to the first buyer of PC6 Pro calibrator in Russia - "PERSEI" Scientific&Production Enterprise!
Since new versions of AmeCal-Temperature and AmeTrim-ATC were released (versions 1.13 and 1.02, correspondingly), all the users of ATC-R dryblock calibrators will be provided with related CDs in September-October, 2001.
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