Moisture-in-Gas Analyzers

5100P TDLAS Gas Analyzer
  • A lightweight, transportable tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) analyzer
  • Applications include moisture measurements in natural gas and select backgrounds
  • Measurement range: 4 ... 2500 ppmv (in natural gas)
  • Certified for hazardous area use
Series 3050 Moisture in Gas Analyzers
  • Quartz microbalance moisture in gas analyzers designed as intelligent instrument with integrated sampling system
  • Applications include moisture measurements in natural gas, ethylene, propylene, air separation units
  • Measurement range 0.01 ... 2500 ppmv
  • Ex proof version available
5000 Moisture in Gas Analyzer
  • Quartz microbalance moisture analyzer with Ex proof field unit and remote controller
  • Applications include moisture measurement in hydrogen containing gas of reforming and izomerization processes, cracking gas and other complicated gas streams
  • Measurement range: 0.1 ... 1000 ppmv
  • Sample handling system: up to four sampling points
5800 Moisture in Gas Analyzer
  • Benchtop quartz microbalance analyzers for moisture measurements in laboratory conditions in cylinders, gas separation and conditioning units
  • Measurement range: 0 ... 1000 ppmv
5900UHP Moisture in Gas Analyzer
  • Benchtop quartz microbalance analyzer for ppb и ppt moisture measurement in ultrapure gases, used for electronics, optical fiber production, etc.
  • Measurement range 0,1 ... 1000 ppbv
5100 Moisture Analyzer
  • Laser moisture in gas analyzer with built-in performance verification
  • Applications include moisture measurement in natural gas containing up to 20% H2S as well as in other process gases
  • Measurement range: 0,5 ... 2500 ppmv
  • Modbus, RS232 and Ethernet interfaces
  • Ex-proof version available
Chandler Dew Point Analyzers
  • Portable chilled mirror dew point analyzers for visual dew point detection
  • Applications include water and hydrocarbon dew point measurement in natural and petroleum gas in the field, at metering stations or in a laboratory
  • Measurement range: -200°С ... 20°С
241 СЕ II Hydrocarbon Dew Point Monitor
  • Automatic chilled mirror hydrocarbon dew point analyzer
  • Applications include hydrocarbon dew point measurement at metering station and natural/petroleum gas quality control units
  • Measurement range: Tamb−60°С ... Tamb−5°С, not lower than −40°С
Electrochemical Moisture in Gas Analyzers
  • Portable and fixed-mount electrochemical analyzers
  • Applications include moisture measurement in instrument air, some other gases as well as chlorine moisture
  • Measurement range: 0...1000 ppmv