New Products

DFM 6.1 doppler flowmeter added to our product range featuring better signal processing, built in datalogger as well as HART and Modbus RTU support.
2271A Pneumatic Industrial Pressure Controller / Calibrator added to our product range. It provides a complete, automated pressure testing solution for calibrating a wide variety of pressure gauges and sensors.
6270A Pressure Controller / Calibrator added to our product range.
A new Beamex MC6-Ex, version (-R) multifunction intrinsically safe calibrator and communicator than combines high accuracy documenting pressure and electrical signal calibrator, datalogger and HART/FOUNDATION Fiedbus H1/Profibus PA communicator added to our product range. Beamex MC6-Ex, version (-R) is a game changer in hazardous locations.
List of supported HART instruments extended for Beamex MC6, version (-R) Multifunction Calibrator and Communicator.
Time Electronics 5025 multifunction calibrator and 5075 7.5 digit multimeter added to our product range featuring generation/measurement of electrical signals up to 1050 V, 1100 А, 10 МHz, 120 МOhm, etc.
New version Beamex CMX calibration software released featuring work order handling, maintenance inspections using Android portable devices and web based interface
CTC-R temperature calibrators replacing several CTC models added to our product range. CTC-R calibrators feature higher accuracy at attractive price
Model 888 Claus tail gas analyzer that inherited the best features of its predecessor - 880-NSL analyzer - and exhibits extended reliability and self-diagnostic functions - added to our product range
Crystal XP2i digital pressure gauges are now available with 0.02% FS or 0.05% FS optional accuracy
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