New Products

RTC-R family of temperature calibrators featuring currently the best stability of temperature and its uniformity in dry block added to our product range
E-DWT-Н pressure calibrator added to our product range
PPCH-G pressure controller and GB-H-152 booster package added to our product range
The following equipment added to our product range:
  • Multifunction calibrators with user interface in Russian, Ukrainian and English languages
    - MC2-R-IS intrinsically safe calibrator
    - MC4-R documenting calibrator
  • PPC4 pressure controller that will replace PPC3 soon
  • Calibration software localized to Russian language:
    CMX designed for total solution of all tasks related to calibration of different instruments being used by enterprises of any scale
    JofraCal new version supporting not only temperature calibration but pressure calibration as well
  • DFM 5.0 flow meter that will replace DFM 4.0 model by the end of 2008
The following equipment added to our product range:
  • ATC-125 dry-block temperature calibrator, featuring unparalleled capability to set the temperature as low as -90°C
  • one more module (FI5-PA) for MC5-R multifunction calibrator, making it possible to calibrate PROFIBUS PA devices
  • 5100-NCM (Non-Contact Moisture) process analyzer, utilizing tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy technology
DFM-IV on-line flow meter replaced by a new DFM 4.0 one, featuring advanced signal processing system
A range of process on-line and portable analyzers manufactured by Combustion & Environmental Monitoring Division of AMETEK Land, Inc. for monitoring combustion efficiency, pollutant emissions, dust and particulate, coal fire detection and gas turbine blade temperatures added to our product range. Watch for site updates!
A new FI05 module for MC5-R multifunction calibrator included in our product range, making MC5-R the first in the world complete solution for calibration of FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices. MC5-R user himself may now read digital output of the fieldbus transmitters and transducers, change their configuration and carry out transmitter trimming as well as automatically document calibration results
IPS-4 multi-purpose spectrophotometer analyzer added to our product range
931 and 932 photometric gas analyzers measuring sulfur compounds and other chemical species added to our product range
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