New Products

The new – 1.95r – version of firmware is available to MC5-R, MC5-R-IS, and MC5P-R calibrator users starting from December 1, 2003, extending the features of multichannel datalogger option. Please, address us for instructions on firmware update.
A new PPCH hydraulic controller added to our product range, that will expand the capabilities of PPCK+ pneumatic controller in high pressure range
A new CTC-1200A high temperature dryblock calibrator added to our product range, that will replace 1200SE RS before the end of 2003. This new calibrator features all CTC series advantages, including AmeCal-Light software in its scope of supply.
A couple of new electric signal calibrators added to our product range:
  • CSC200-R, major target being calibration of thermocouples and RTDs
  • CSC100 voltage and current calibrator
The following group of new equipment added to our product range: COMPASS for Pressure software supports manual and complete, automated pressure calibration using DHI equipment as well as other pressure references
The following equipment manufactured by DHI Instruments, USA, included in our product range: high precision dead weight testers (piston gauges), different pressure controller/calibrators, precision pressure monitors, pressure generation and control accessories and gas flow standards
Mass-spectrometers designed to provide real-time, multi-component and multi-stream process monitoring added to the range of process analyzers
The information on all products mentioned above to be placed shortly in "Products" section
A new MC5P-R panel mounted version of multifunction modular MC5P-R calibrator will be released in March, 2003. Related data is included into "Modules and panel mounted instruments" brochure, see "Test Bench" section of "Brochures" page.
New models of series ATC-R dry block calibrators released - ATC 156 and ATC 157. ATC 157 calibrator provides the temperature in its thermostat equal to -57°C and -48°C at the ambient temperature of 0°C and 20°C, correspondingly.
MC3-R multifunction calibrator included into Artvik's product range.
The new - 1.90r - version of firmware is available to MC5-R calibrator users starting from October 1, 2002.
Please, address us for instructions on the firmware update.
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