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Pressure Level Flow Measurement

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Recognition of Factory As-found Calibration for E3 Modulevel, Jupiter JM4, Pulsar R86/96 level transmitters as well as Thermatel TA2 flowmeter and Atlas level indicators

The Protocol of Recognition of Factory As-found Calibration obtained on E3 Modulevel displacer level transmitters, Jupiter JM4 magnetostrictive level transmitter, Pulsar R86/96 non-contact pulse radar level transmitters, Thermatel TA2 thermal mass flowmeter, Atlas magnetic level indicators Atlas, Aurora, Gemini and Vector, listed in the State Register of Measuring Instruments of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

24 November 2023 | Certification
E4 Modulevel level transmitter

E4 Modulevel displacer level transmitter added to our product range replacing the discontinued E3 Modulevel one

30 October 2023 | Site News
Official distributor in Turkmenistan “Ynanch Hyzmat” company

ES “Ynanch Hyzmat” company became Artvik’s official distributor in Turkmenistan. You can find its contact details in “Partners” section

04 October 2023 | Misc
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