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Pressure Level Flow Measurement

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HART DD Beamex MC6 (-R)

List of supported HART instruments extended for Beamex MC6, version “-R”, Beamex MC6-Ex, version (-R) Multifunction Calibrators and Communicators and Beamex MC6-T, version (-R) Multifunction Calibrator and Communicator with built-in dry-block.

04 November 2022 | New Products
Mass spectrometers’ discontinuation

ProLine and ProMaxion Mass Spectrometers discontinued.

01 November 2022 | New Products
Magnetrol products added

The information on the following Magnetrol products added to the “Pressure, Level and Flow Measurement” section:

04 August 2022 | Site News
Genesis multiphase detector

Unique Genesis multiphase detector, capable to accurately measure up to four layers in interface level measurement applications added to our product range 

04 August 2022 | New Products
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