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Commissioning and maintenance

Most of our equipment is sophisticated instrumentation that requires a special knowledge and skill set to be applied during commissioning and regular maintenance of the equipment.

Improper installation, commissioning and maintenance of our equipment by non-authorized persons may lead to incorrect operation or even complete failure of the equipment. Therefore, for commissioning and maintenance please contact Artvik or our authorized Service partners.

Moreover, for most equipment, Artvik can offer various service plans. Service plans provide not only regular maintenance procedures, but also preventive diagnostics that will allow the user to predict and eliminate the risk of improperly functioning equipment in the future.


The equipment supplied by Artvik meets the highest quality standards. We guarantee continuous and trouble-free performance of the equipment purchased from Artvik or from our partners and distributors during the entire warranty period noted in our Specifications or User Manuals.

In most cases, warranty repairs are carried out in Artvik's Service Center by qualified specialists in our Engineering Department. All specialists have the required knowledge and training to work with complex technical equipment. Artvik service staff regularly attend service training at our manufacturers' facilities. This allows us to restore the functionality of instruments in the shortest time possible. In case of difficulties or the inability to dismantle the equipment, repairs can be performed directly at the place of its installation.

If a product failure happens after the warranty period has expired, Artvik can provide reasonably priced repair services.


Artvik has highly qualified specialists and experts in product selection, operation and maintenance of our instruments. They have a wealth of experience and skills developed over 25 years and are ready to train our customers and partners.

We deliver training sessions in the most convenient way possible for our customers - group sessions in our offices, on site at the customer's location, or online training by organizing a dedicated webinar.