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Brochure in Russian on model 931 and 932 analyzers added
Brochures in Russian on test benches updated: General description, Modules and panel mounted instruments, Auxiliary equipment
5900 UHP Moisture Analyzers being discontinued, related changes introduced to the corresponding section of “Moisture analyzers” page and to the “Series 5900 UHP moisture analyzer” in Russian
Information on ASM-R series signal multi-scanner added to “Temperature calibrators” page
Related brochure and order form in Russian added as well
Information on MC2-R calibrator updated and removed from the “Pressure Calibrators” page to “Multifunction Calibrators” one
Related brochure and order form in Russian updated as well
Information on DTI-1000 Precision Digital Thermometer updated on page “Temperature calibrators”
Related brochure and order form in Russian updated as well
Brochures in Russian added on Dew Point Tester and Moisture Chek 2000 analyzers and RPM4 reference pressure monitor
Order form added on RPM4 as well
Brochure on new JofraCal calibration software added
Order form added on CSC200-R signal calibrator
Information on new ATC 140/250 models added to ATC-R section on "Temperature Calibrators" page, while IPI and MC2-R sections added to "Digital pressure calibrators" page

Related documents added to "Broshures" and "Order forms" pages as well.
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