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Information on series 5900 UHP moisture analyzers for semiconductor industry added to "Moisture Analyzers" and "Brochures" sections.
Preliminary information on series ETC temperature calibrators added to "Temperature calibrators" and "Brochures" sections. Order form on series CTC calibrators extended to cover series ETC calibrators as well.
Preliminary information on MC5-R intrinsically safe version - MC5-R-IS - added to "Multifunction calibrators", "Brochures" and "Order forms" sections.
A new paper "Ensuring temperature measurement unification in the range of -40...650°C by means of solid state microprocessor comparators", published in "Pribory" (Instrumentation) magazine, added to "Articles" section. It is a report submitted at the 1st All-Russia Conference on the Problems of Temperature Measurements "Temperature-2001".
A new paper "New metrological equipment based on microprocessor solid state thermostats for contact thermometry", published in "Chief Metrologist" magazine, added to "Articles" section. This paper describes metrological performance of ATC-R series calibrators and their use for validation of different temperature sensors.
Extended specifications added to the brochure in Russian on MC3-R multifunction calibrator according to the results of certification tests in Russia

New brochure in Russian on model 4600 stack gas analyzer added

Order forms on calibrators transformed into electronic table format

"Digital temperature calibrators" order forms replaced by two separate lists: "1200 SE RS digital temperature calibrator" and "Series CTC digital temperature calibrators"
New version of web site launched
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